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Trip Ideas

Places to see along Route 1

The Henry Ford Museum
of American Innovation

The Henry Ford is comprised of the Museum of American Innovation, Greenfield Village and the Ford Rouge River Factory Tour.  The museum is an easy day visit from the GLTL Trail. You can reach the Henry Ford Museum by plane, train, car and trail. The Dearborn Amtrak station is located across the skywalk as is the Hines Park Trail. The Detroit Wayne County Airport is only 9 miles away. Plan your visit.

The Wolverine Amtrak line provides bike service and connects Dearborn to Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Detroit and Pontiac.  View the GLTL Trail train station map here.

Michigan's Underground Railroad

Thousands of people escaped slavery through the Michigan Underground Railroad. Michigan was home to a strong abolition sentiment and the route into Canada included Kalamazoo, Marshall, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Port Huron and Detroit. Abolitionists known as conductors helped enslaved people flee to Canada and freedom through Detroit, known as "Midnight", and Port Huron. Learn more about Detroit's Underground Railroad sites here.

Unfortunately the many routes are now lost, and many of the sites include only historical markers.  A map route of important Detroit depots and conductors can be found here. Also, a map of sites along or near the GLTL Trail can be found here

Take flight in a historic B-17 Flying Fortress, B25 Mitchell Bomber or a C-47 Skytrain. This is not a virtual flight, but an honest seat of the pants experience! Keep your feet on solid ground and tour the Yankee Air Museum and it's collection of vintage and historic aircraft.

Located in the WWII Willow Run Bomber Plant that produced B-24 Liberators just a few miles west of Detroit's international airport, the museum is best visited during a layover using ground transportation.

Originally called the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, the Air Zoo is home to a collection of historic early flight and modern history aircraft including the SR-71B Blackbird and F-18A fighter.

Located at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport and just 6 miles from downtown. it's a short bike ride and an even quicker trip by ride-share. View the map.

Seven museums of automotive history are on display on over 90 acres at the Gilmore Car Museum. A short video quickly displays some of their vehicles. No matter what age, you'll see the vehicles of your childhood and a slice of Americana just for good measure.

You can visit the museum from either Kalamazoo or Battle Creek or stop by during your trip between the two using this route map.


Long Weekend West

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Start in Kalamazoo*. Optional start in South Haven.

Kalamazoo* to Battle Creek*/Marshall.

Battle Creek* / Marshall to Jackson*.

Use the train to shuttle you at either the start or end.

* train station on route          

See the route here

Long Weekend East

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Start in Rochester or Auburn Hills**. (Optional start in Port Huron*)

 Ride to Green Oak Twp.

Ride to Jackson*. 

Use the train to shuttle you at either the start or end.

** train station in Pontiac

* train station on route

See the route here

Itinerary Options

Henry Ford Museum


Air Zoo or Gilmore Museum



Fort Custer

Underground Railroad

The Great Lakes

Visit the museum via bike from Green Oak Township or Rochester. Visit via train from Pontiac, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek or Kalamazoo.

Visit the Air Zoo from Kalamazoo. Visit via train from any station on the GLTL Trail.

The Glimore Car Museum can be seen on route between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. 


Pause for a few minutes to pay your respects at Fort Custer National Cemetery during the trip between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Alternately visit via ride-share from Battle Creek or Kalamazoo.

With historic sites along almost the entire GLTL Trail, plan to visit via bike, ground transportation, shuttle or train using this map of sites along or near the GLTL Trail. Add a day to any itinerary to visit some of Detroit's Underground Railroad sites.

Add a day to the Long Weekend West itinerary and enjoy South Haven's artist community and Lake Michigan sunsets. Add a day to the Long Weekend East Itinerary and enjoy Port Huron's history with Thomas Edison, the railroads, access to Canada and Lake Huron sunrises. Of course you can enjoy both by traveling the entire Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route 1.

Lake Michigan to Lake Huron

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Arrive in South Haven and enjoy the town.

South Haven to Kalamazoo*

Kalamazoo* to Battle Creek* / Marshall. 

Battle Creek* / Marshall to Jackson*.

Jackson* to Green Oak Township (GOT).

GOT to Rochester or Auburn Hills**.

Auburn Hills or Rochester to Port Huron*.

Shuttle or train to start or back from finish.

* train station on route. ** train station in Pontiac

See the route here.

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