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The full Trail from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron


Trailheads & Parking

Find a place near you to get on and off the Great Lake to Lake Trail.

Pillows And Blankets

Hotel Touring

Select hotels near the

Great Lake to Lake Trail.

Bike Shops & Outfitters

Shops to help you and your machine on the Great Lake to Lake Trail.

Bicycle Shop

Train Touring

Trip ideas for a true rails to trails experience using a 200 ton shuttle!

Railway Tracks

Trip Ideas

Make the most of your travels on the Great Lake to Lake Trail.

Bike Trip


Bike touring or bike-packing along the Great Lake to Lake Trail.

Hiking & Camping

Hike across the state of Michigan on the tree lined Great Lake to Lake Trail.



The many trail partners that make the Great Lake to Lake Trail.


The Henry Ford

Hike or bike to the world famous Henry Ford Museum from the GLTL Trail.

Gilmore Car Museum

Visit this 90 acre museum of historic Americana on the GLTL Trail

The road to Hell

Hell, Michigan that is, a heavenly GLTL Trail route to get there and back.

Yankee Air Museum

Take Route 1 to the I-275 Trail and beyond to fly in a WWII bomber!

Weekend Westside

South Haven to Jackson. Enjoy the cool shade of the western GLTL Trail.

Weekend Eastside

Jackson to Port Huron. Surprising beauty along the eastern GLTL Trail.

Detroit Airport

Fly in, enjoy the GLTL Trail, fly out.

Detroit & Belle Isle

Hike to Belle Isle and Detroit's Riverwalk


GLTL Trail to Chicago, Route 66 and the Northern Tier transcontinental route.

Ann Arbor

Hike or Bike from the GLTL Trail to Ann Arbor via the Border to Border Trail.

Lake St. Clair

GLTL Trail to Lake St. Clair via the Freedom Metro Trail.


GLTL Trail to Ohio and the Northern Tier transatlantic route.

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