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Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route 1


267 miles


Walk, Hike, Run, or Bike miles of cool shade covered trails surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and natural beauty. Explore the rich history of Michigan innovation, trains, automobiles and the Underground Railroad. Enjoy the convenience of Amtrak stations along the trail. Discover The Great Lake to Lake Trail Route 1 (GLTL Trail) near you.

Using the Map

People across Michigan are biking, hiking, running, skiing, and horseback riding along the Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route1 (GLTL Trail). Make the most of the trail near you using the provided Routes and Maps.

If you'd like to share news about Route 1, construction detours or add your favorite bike shop, lodging, or outfitter to the maps, please contact us.

To help plan your trip, the GLTL Trail is shown in red and blue. Blue indicates rail-trails and pathways. Red indicates road sections. Zoom in or out with the buttons in the lower right corner of the map. Click and drag to move the map. Float over map icons to see the name of the trail. Click on the icons to see details including website links if available. Click on "View Full Version" to see the map at Ride With GPS. If you have the Ride With GPS App, click on "Send to Device" to use the map on your mobile device.

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