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Port Haven Tours
Porter Service

Helping solo efforts, small groups and touring companies

explore and enjoy the 1st Great Lake-To-Lake Trail 

Bicycle SAG

As experienced tour riders, we know the hard part is getting yourself and your gear to and from the route and convince a spouse or friend to be your support team.  


Choose your level of service. We offer bicycle shipping, shuttle to/from the trail, luggage transport, and full service SAG. Arrange for on-call service, single day support, or daily SAG stops. For complete tour support consider our Private Tour service.


All bikes are assembled, boxed and shipped by a professional bicycle mechanic. On trail, bikes are transported via tray mounts and not hung by their frames or wheels.

Hiker Support

Think of us as your private trail angels. We can do what you need to hike a day, a weekend or thru hike the trail.


Choose your level of service. We offer equipment shipping, shuttle to/from the trail, resupply runs, mail drops and even move your van to the next overnight. For those who like to travel light, we can transport your camping gear. Arrange for on-call service, single day support or daily shuttle service for you and your camping gear.

We use full size vehicles to give you room and protect your gear. 

Event & Tour Support

The GLTL Trail is perfect for operating a multi-day tour or single day event with easy access for support, shelter from sun and traffic, and well positioned towns. As experienced operators of large and small tours and charitable events, we understand the challenges and services needed to create these experiences.

We use our knowledge of the route, communities, and environment to help create cost effective solutions. Porter Service can provide equipment, transportation, vehicles, caterers and staff as needed to help reduce your overhead. Please contact us to discuss your specific goals and needs.

About Porter Service

Our goal is to make the The Great Lake-To-Lake Trail the right choice no matter the experience or equipment you posses.


We help solo efforts, small groups and touring companies explore and enjoy the GLTL Trail in the manner that fits your itinerary, goals and lifestyle. Porter Service is based on a simple mindset - find a way to say yes we can. Our team has over a million miles of tour experience and use it to provide service and solutions that can include equipment, transport and support services. Porter Service must be reserved in advance.


Contact us and let us know how we can say yes we can, so you can do.

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