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Bike-Packing & Camping

Bike-Packing the Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route 1 (GLTL Trail) and sleeping under the stars is a great way to experience the trail. With over 260 miles of trail, self-sufficient travelers can use the interactive map below to find train stations, public and private campgrounds, trailheads and parking to help plan their resupply, transportation and overnights.

Using the Train

Route 1 is unique because the train remains a connection to the trail and can be used to transport people, bikes and gear. Amtrak stations are located within a few blocks of the PHT in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Pontiac, and Port Huron. They are ride-share hubs and near lodging making them ideal for trip planning. Visit the train touring page for more details.

Using the Map

The GLTL Trail is shown in red. Zoom in or out with the buttons in the lower right corner of the map. Click and drag to move the map. Float over the trailhead (TH), parking (P), camping, and train icons to see a summary. Click on the icons to see details including website links if available. Click on "View Full Version" to see the map at Ride With GPS.If you have the Ride With GPS App, click on "Send to Device" to use the map on your mobile device so you can see your current position.

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