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The GLTL Trail from South Haven to Port Huron is Michigan's first destination trail connecting Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and formally known as 

The Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route 1.


The GLTL Trail is 270 miles of sequestered rail trails, linear parks, and pathways that are continually improving and expanding supplemented by short sections of country roads. Unique to the GLTL Trail are the ten active Amtrak stations that allow trail users to explore  Ann Arbor, Detroit, Chicago and visit world class museums including the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

In some places the cool, shade covered route becomes a tunnel of trees, and in other places surrounded by farmland, orchards, vineyards, a history of innovation, and the Underground Railroad. The GLTL Trail is made up from over a dozen trails including the Iron Belle Trail, Mike Levine Lakeland Trail, and the North Country Trail.


The GLTL Trail intersects dozens of other trails and bike routes providing access to over 2,000 miles of trails, four of the five Great Lakes, and every major population center in both the lower and upper peninsula of Michigan. Beyond Michigan the GLTL Trail fosters access to Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier Route, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Ontario.


 The website is maintained by friends of Route 1 who seek to facilitate the use of all the trails that make up the Great Lake-To-Lake Trail Route 1 by focusing on:

  • Communities in Motion - Helping people  pursue a more active lifestyle and better health through the free resource of their local trail.

  • Communities in Service - Supporting communities in motion to use their local trail to create possibility, generosity and compassion through events focused on supporting local nonprofits.

  • Communities in Discovery -Connecting youth to discovery, opportunity and health through motion, curiosity, and exploration along their local trail.

Join us on Michigan's first destination Trail!

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